How to Hack ADSL Router with kali linux

Hack adsl router with kali linux

bsnl using adsl connection to provide internet for its home and office users. and half of them modems are vulnerable to a simple attack. attacker cut off internet, change dns after exploit this vulnerabilities.

so lets see how attack is possible?

how to hack adsl router

Step 1:

check your public ip address.

just type “my ip” in google.

Hack ADSL Router


Step 2: Search for Vulnerable Routers.

Using linux

open terminal type:

“nmap -sS -sV -vv -n -Pn -T5 -p80 -oG – | grep ‘open’ | grep -v ‘tcpwrapped’”

Hack ADSL Router

Now you have some results, this time you need to find the open devices with open ports. In search Result page:

Step 3:

pick an ip that have open port and place it in your browser and hit enter.

you will see an authenticate page like below image,

put admin as username and admin as password.

Hack ADSL Router



if client did not change default username and password, then it will be lucky for you and you entered in router admin page, if you not get success then try different ip and check default username and password for some router on searching google.

Hack ADSL Router


you can do some further action after enter in router admin area, for example change dns and cut off internet.

this is illegal and you may go to jail for this action, so try at your own risk.


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