How to Perform A Man In The Middle Attack with kali linux

man in the middle attack ambush a communication between two nodes.when a attacker controlling the communications equipment between two systems, and capture credentials of client between the way of client to server communication. MIMA implement perfectly on http Protocol, which means the man in the middle attack (MITM) can obtain any unencrypted information. in some cases it can be done on https Protocol with some social engineering, exp- dnsspoof, sslstrip and phishing vector.


Man in middle attack example.

man in midlle attack




in this post i am going to perform a man in middle attack.

what we will need?

a benign wireless adaptor, i recommend this.

kali linux running machiene.


Step One:

enable ip forward.

open terminal and type:

“echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward”


Step Two:

edit etter.conf file:

open terminal and type:

“leafpad /etc/ettercap/etter.conf”

edit file like below images:

in first image set value for ec_uid to ZERO


in second inage uncomment red area two lines.

man in middle attack


Step Three:

startup ettercap

open terminal and type

“ettercap -G”

you will see a gui like below image,

from top left menus select Sniff then unified sniffing…


Step Four:

Select interface that connect to router.


man in middle attack


Step five:

Scan host

Host >scan for Host

man in middle attack


Step Six:

Host> Host list

set router getway ip to target one


victim ip to target 2


man in middle attack


Step Seven:

got to:

mitm>arp poisoning>Sniff remote connections press ok.


Final Step:

start>start sniffing


You’ve successfully executed an Man in middle attack! now you can capture all data on http protocol.

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