install kali live on usb with persistence

install kali live on usb with persistence.

Persistence means All your data will be saved on usb drive,when you are using kali linux from usb.

lets start setting up Kali live usb with persistence.

files you need:

1.Minitool partition wizard

2.kali linux iso

3.Universal Usb Installer

You’re supposed to use the window,

first step:

start up windows and plugin your usb flash drive,

open minitool partition wizard and delete all partition,

now you have all your space is unallocated.

create a new partition (3.5 to 4.0 gb) of fat32 format, 

apply all change

fat32 fat32

second step:

open Universal Usb Installer,

create a kali usb bootable by slecting your fat32 space.unuversial usb installer

third step:

restsrt your machine

forth step:

boot from your newly created flash drive,

select Live Usb Persistence and press enter,

fifth step:

after successful start,

open gparted by typing in terminal


select your usb from top right corner ex. dev/sdb

create a new partition of unallocated space,name with persistence and format ext4,

apply change.


check your device by typing in terminal


you will see a new partition created on sdb and seeing as linux type fdisk -l

sixth step: type command one by one and press enter,

“mkdir -p /mnt/persistence”

“mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/persistence”

“echo “/ union” > /mnt/persistence/persistence.conf” usb with persistence

“cat /mnt/persistence/persistence.conf” usb with persistence

“umount /dev/sdb2”

final step:

shutdown your pc,

remove your flash drive,

 plugin your flash drive again,

start your pc again,

boot from usb drive,

choose Live Usb Persistence and press enter,

now you have ready your live usb, your all changed have saved in usb live persistence.

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